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Human Resource Consultancy

  • We have successfuly managed several HR consultancy assignments for clients in many countries. Consistent wioth our policy of absolute confidentiality, we do not publicize the names of our clients but provide a brief profile of the assignment.

  • These summaries provide a cross section of the range and nature of the assignments we have managed.

  • We will be happy to expand on the details of the consultancy assignments provided here. 

360 Degree Assessment of Accreditation Panel Members - Seoul, S Korea

360 Degree perfromance Assessment 

This assignment involved:


  • Identification of competencies based on technical, managerial, and value-based needs of the organisation.

  • Construction of questions based on the competencies and clustering them for differential application based on the assessees' core skill sets.

  • Setting up and managing of the survey to obtain feed back from self, peers, technical support teams, and clients.

  • Analysis and delivery of actionable individual and group reports. 

  • Recommendations for follow up actions to support professional development

Design of a Performance Management System

A global action network with over 3,000 Partner organisations in 180 countries. - Sweden


Performance Management System

The assignment involved:

Design of a performance management system to define performance and career growth that: 

  • links individual performance, reward, and professional growth/progression

  • rewards and motivates individual, team, and organisational performance by outlining clear expectations.

  • is realistic in terms of the budget and number of staff members of the organisation. 

  • links the reward structure with performance levels.

Search and Recruitment 

An International research Organisation - Egypt 


To provide the client with a full range of recruitment services for India.

•    Review and finalisation of job profiles, identifying the right markets, and advertising. 
•    Review of applications and initial shortlisting. 
•    Technical testing and final shortlisting.
•    Organising interviews and assisting in selection.
•    Reference checking, Background screening, and documentation. 
•    Support negotiations and contracting. 

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