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From our start two decades ago, we have focused on building strategic and long-term partnerships to ensure comprehensive service offerings and global reach for our clients.  

We partner with SRI Executive based in Dublin, Ireland, a leading player in executive search in the international development arena.  

Strategic Partnership with SRI Executive Search and Consulting

Our strategic partnership with SRI, Dublin, Ireland, a leading global search consultancy, enables us to provide seamless service to our clients, including global executive search for the most senior positions.
SRI Executive works with utmost consideration for gender and cultural diversity. 80% of the team are women, and 50% of the workforce comes from developing countries.


As a specialised executive search practice, SRI Executive has delivered solutions to over 200 organisations working in the international development arena. They are world leaders thanks to the knowledge, care and judgement they bring to their engagements. As a result, their placement success rate of 97% and retention rate of 98% demonstrate that they build lasting relationships. Firmly committed to diversity, 46% of their 2016 placements were women, double the sector average.

SRI Executive  promises:

100% guaranteed fill rate.

99.7% retention and

promotion rate.

Unrivalled reputation for providing utmost consideration for gender equality and cultural diversity.

SRI Executive - Presence in India

Image by Emma Dau

Made key placements in India in many senior roles.

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Extensive reach with a large database of senior-level executives, including over 10,000 Indian nationals

Image by Christina @

The extensive client base includes many top global companies with a business presence in India across industries.


Dr Seamus McGardle

With over 25 years' of senior management experience, Seamus has led dynamic and culturally diverse teams in over forty-six countries worldwide. Committed to developing, building and maintaining long-term partnerships with international organisations, Seamus is dedicated to fulfilling the expectations and needs of our clients. The depth of expertise across all sectors and his knowledge and familiarity with an organisation allow him to navigate and offer direction on the most complex search assignments. 


He holds a BSc in Chemistry and a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from University College Dublin. 


Helen Mcardle

Helen McGardle is the Founder and Managing Director of SRI Executive Search.
With over 20 years' experience as a search specialist and senior executive coach, Helen specialises in sourcing, managing and coaching the most exceptional candidates across the Life Science, Food Security and Sustainability sectors.
She holds a BSc in Pharmacy from Trinity College Dublin, a Masters in Business Administration from Open University and an Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching.

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