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Organisation Development

Organizational Transformation - WorldFish Center

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One phase of growth leads to a plateau where new ways of responding to external realities become essential to propel the business into the next higher plane. To achieve further growth and achievement, a new set of ambitious initiatives for organizational development becomes necessary. They redefine the values and vision of the Center to achieve higher levels of equity, transparency, and inclusiveness of staff in managing the affairs of the organization. They increase the focus on meeting and exceeding stakeholder expectations and on creating a “meritocracy”, and establish higher levels of delegation and empowerment combined with strengthened teamwork and leadership at all levels. 

OneStaff: Vision and Values for Managing People - Spanish



Values and Culture

La Política Unificada de Personal (o OneStaff, como se le denomina en inglés) es un concepto en evolución. Pareciera que su visión fuera idealista; sin embargo, se encuentra  sólidamente fundamentada en un conjunto específico de valores, realidades comerciales y requisitos.
Este concepto se ha estado gestando en las mentes de diversos líderes y profesionales del sistema del Grupo Consultivo para la Investigación Agrícola Internacional (CGIAR). Algunos Centros del sistema han puesto en práctica diferentes aspectos de dicho concepto, casi siempre sin mencionarlo como tal. En cada caso, el Centro puso en práctica, a fin de alcanzar sus objetivos específicos, los sistemas y procesos de la manera que más se ajustaba a sus necesidades.

OneStaff: Vision and Values for Managing People - English

Rajasekharan, N.P


Values and Culture

The OneStaff approach means that a single set of values and the same policies, compensation structure, and human resource management processes are applied to all staff members. The OneStaff approach can make numerous positive contributions to the organizational culture of an organization. It can help ensure that recruitment from different markets is grounded in specific, appropriate job requirements, such as levels of education, competencies, experience, and expected contributions to the organization. The approach emphasizes the importance of clearly explaining any differences to ensure that all staff members understand them. Such clarity,  transparency, and understanding will lead to a feeling of belonging to the organization, even if there are and will always be differences in some aspects of employment conditions.

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