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We provide highly customized leadership development programs for middle management and senior leaders including members of the Board of Directors. The methodology includes the use of globally validated psychometric tests, 360 degree evaluations, and customized case writing. The programs have been tested and perfected through design and delivery to organizations in various sectors across the world. The process starts with an in-depth diagnostic study of strategic needs, competency gaps ,and business goals. Such projects often lead to the development ofcompetency models and succession planning systems. 

Strategy Development

& Implementation 

Our work spans from strategic reviews and facilitation of the work with leadership teams to create or redefine business strategy. We also  work with Boards and senior leaders to support implementation. Often this leads to a re definition of performance metrics, assessment protocols and reward strategies. 

With several decades of experience in international organizations at the highest level in HR management, we provide highly targeted and effective diagnostic and advisory services. Our core competencies are in alignment of HR strategy with business strategy, policy development, support for change management, performance management, and development of effective and market-responsive reward strategies. We also undertake HR audits. 

Strategic HR


Industries Served

  • Financial Services

  • Professional Services

  • OIl and Gas 

  • Lubricants

  • International Agricultural Research 

  • International NGOs

  • Environment 

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