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HR Strategy 

Development of HR strategy through facilitation with Senior leaders and key stakeholders. Support Boards and managements in implementation. Develop and implement metrics for evaluation of inpact and ROI.

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Organization Development 

Starting with Organizational diagnosis, develop customized interventions as a part of organizational development. Design strong communication campaigns to support the changes. 

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Performance Management 

Design performance management systems and implement. Conduct workshops for appraisers to ensure optimum skill sets

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Reward Management 

We support development of financial and non-financial reward strategies aligned to values and business strategy. We offer advice and support for development of reward systems and processes, job grading, market alignment and implementation including communication with staff. 

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Perfromance Appraisal 

Our services span development of performance management systems aligned to business goals and values, development of performance planning and assessment systems and associated training and communications.

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Job Grading 

We support with JOb Grading system using all major global systems and customize and calibrate them to the philosophy, structure and delegation levels of the organization 

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Coaching and Mentoring 

We provide Executive coaching snd mentoring support especially as follow through to the Leadership Development Programs. 

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Programs for Etrepreneurs

Based on our experience in Coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs, we have developed a customized series of  short programs for entrepreneurs. These pragmatic interventions focus on Power and Politics, Talent Management, Negotiation Skills, Marketing and Sales and Financial intelligence.  

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Power & Politics 

One of our very successful programs. Based on teaching a full program for MBA students, this has been adapted to different formats for corporate as well as Entrepreneurial needs. The program is unique as it has been entirely developed by us .

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